NXOpen Launchpad 2.0



(NXOpen Launchpad – Silver Membership)

In this training program, you will go through a proven, well accepted learning journey to excel in the field of CAD Automation via NX CAD Customization and Programming using C# Programming and NXOpen APIs

When you lock in your spot & complete the transaction today, you’ll get…

One month core training program, video courses, assignments, live support sessions, private community access

Over Rs.99,930/- worth of value for just Rs.14,990/-

Component 1: NXOpen Launchpad (Value Rs.39,990/-)

Learn the core topics of NXOpen APIs including several namespaces, classed, properties, members related to parts, sketches, assemblies, drawings automation.

Component 2: C# Essentials for NXOpen Programming Video Course (Value Rs.4990/-)

Your get starter to master C# for Seamless Learning of NX Open Customization and Automation even without any programming knowledge prior.

Component 3: Block UI Styler Video Course (Value Rs.4990/-)

Course especially designed to enhance your UI (User Interface) development skills. Learn to design sleek, intuitive user interfaces that enhance productivity and streamline workflows in Siemens NX.

Component 4: UFUNC (User Function) Video Course (Value Rs.19,990/-)

NXOpen programming course focused on User Functions (UFUNC). Learn to create custom functionalities tailored to your specific engineering needs using UFUNC Classes.

Component 5: 20 Days Coding Challenge (Value Rs.4990/-)

Elevate your coding skills in just 20 days! This immersive challenge will level up your daily coding with 20 exercises. Transform your programming proficiency and conquer new coding heights.

Component 6: Weekly Inner Circle Calls (Value Rs.4990/-)

Join the Technical support call weekly to get your clarity on your queries, be it assignments, learning topics, coding etc. Join weekly live and feel the power of community learning.

Component 7: Private Community Access (Value Rs.19,990/-)

Get access to private community when you can meet like-minded people who are on same journey as you. Ask queries/questions and get answers. Comment and contribute to help other members on learning journey.

Bonuses: Access to recordings for one year.


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